We all know that porn (referred to as adult entertainment for the rest of this article J) gets a bad rap. We have to hide it in the back of the cupboards, erase our internet history and deny all interest in it to our partners and especially our mothers! Now I’m purely talking about good, healthy sex and lovemaking here, mixed with hot women and a little fantasy here and there. There are plenty of bad things out there, and I don’t condone it in any way. Straightforward things are fine with me, and that’s what I’m talking about!

But what if there was a way in which it could be justified that watching adult entertainment can be considered a selfless act and a true measure of the man’s ongoing journey to learn how to please his wife? Imagine looking at it for educational purposes and having your wife, girlfriend, or partner look at you lovingly, smile, and thank you for pretending you just did all the laundry and mowed the lawns while you were at it! This would be a wonderful world, but I’m sure now you see the humor and realize that this fantasy is about to happen when we get involved in some of the storylines in these movies.

So while you’ll rarely be able to justify your interest in such movies, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to watch these movies and clips from a different point of view from time to time.

Put aside our manly desire to see hot naked women go for all they’re worth. Put aside the fantasy and imagination that these movies inspire in us and see some of these movies from the point of view of a technical observer. It sounds a bit weird, but you’d be surprised how much you can record and learn by watching the pros do their job.

Women love men who can control in bed and know what buttons to press on the female body, when, and how to encourage them. For the man interested in improving his lovemaking and sexual prowess, this information can be gleaned from many a porn movie. Note the unique techniques and methods used. Keep in mind how the women are touched and how they react, and more importantly, pay special attention to the way women feel themselves to get rid of it. Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to spend a lot of time “researching” those lesbian scenes! If there’s one thing you want to learn about how women like to be satisfied, it’s by seeing two women go for it! Hard work, I know, but try to get through it.

You have to be careful here and don’t just rely on the screams and moans! We all know how vocal these ladies can get, and it’s up to you to decide what’s fun and what’s fake. Good luck with that one!

Finally, while you’ll never be able to justify to your wife or girlfriend that you watch adult entertainment so that you can learn how to please them better, that’s no reason why you shouldn’t watch it now and then. Rode. You will improve your skills and feel better about yourself as a result!

So get out there and watch some porn! If you feel like you don’t get it, keep looking at it until you get it – nobody likes a quitter!