1. Condom with ruler?!

Oh, we bet a female talent must have invented this product. This type of condom is graduated, and when men wear it, the length of their “little brother” is accurately measured. This invention is extremely popular with women, while men complain that they are offended and refuse to use it. But do you dare to try it?

2. World Cup Vibrator?!

Perhaps men never thought that the World Cup could be worn with women and enjoy the ultimate pleasure whenever they want. Yes, it is the latest product from Xbox. It is a football-shaped vibrator with quiet power and a waterproof function in keychain format. The name is World Kick, and you can easily find them at the 2011 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

3. Warming condom?!

American scientists have invented a condom that can warm itself up during use. According to the lab statistics, this condom can heat up to 45 cents degrees and maintain this temperature for 10 minutes. So what about 10 minutes later? OK, the answer is, if you can work for 10 minutes, your partner would warm themselves up enough!

4. Blowjob Condom?!

Yes, this is specially designed for blowjobs between lesbians. Each condom is sold along with a sauce pack, which means you can choose your favorite flavors, such as vanilla, strawberry, or milk ice cream.

5. Pet vibrator?!

Another hot product from Xbox. The head of this vibrator is designed as a little bear, rabbit, walrus, and other pet. The target audience is young customers between 18 and 24, and the keyword is young, playful, and adventurous. You can also find it at the AEE – AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. Life is beautiful, and I want to cherish it with people I love. I like to write about love, relationships, work, fitness, sexual health, skincare, fashion, and everything about making life more interesting.